Consultancy Services in immunology and biomolecular sciences

1. Experimental Modelling

We will help in modelling of in vitro and in vivo systems (preclinical) to study the immunologic and protein biology aspects of a compound.

These studies will form part of your drug development and validation process prior to clinical studies:

  • drug efficacy
  • drug associated risk

In particular, we will help you design experimental human models to study

  • drug induced tissue damage and immune response against tissue
  • pharmacodynamics (PK) of large molecule drugs

2. Research

Performing research on biomolecular, immunologic and cellular aspects in collaboration with academic and/or industrial partners with the aim to make immunologic research more translational.

3. Biotech Consultancy

Capacity build-up for research and manufacture of biologics – generally in the form of large-scale long-term projects with clients. These usually continue onto follow-on research and trade partnerships. Clients of this group belong to manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals or agribusiness industries who want to attain the ability to develop, manufacture and analyse products of biological origins.